• The US Postal Service has become an unwitting courier of drugs from China because of weak US law.
  • The world today is seeing a large number of large crisis: chemical bombings, suicide bombings, tornadoes and more.
  • Failing bridges, bad water pipes and bad roads are plaguing America, but how do we pay for the repairs without bankrupting the country?
  • Automation continues to critically threaten low skill, repetitive jobs all over the world, and it is only going to get worse.
  • America's infrastructure just received a "D+" from the American Society of Civil Engineers, and the President has committed $1 trillion to fix it all.
  • Whether man-made or a weather cycle, climate change is affecting both man and beast. Various social, scientific and political pressures push back and forth to reach outcome.
  • Corruption, deregulation and shortages, caused by protests, have forced gas prices in Mexico up by 20+%.
  • Five dead, multiple injured and the airport is in chaos.
  • A new study shows that fracking pollution is far worse than previously thought.
  • After injuring pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, a man stabbed and shot a police officer outside England's Parliament. The man was shot and killed.
  • (News & Observer) Around Kinston, where the Neuse River swelled to 28 feet Friday and split the town in half, so many roads remain closed that truckers spent two hours just getting to work.

    Delivery routes that normally last five miles in flooded parts of the state now stretch more than 100 miles thanks to drivers navigating around washed-out roads.

  • A new study shows methane emissions have quickly risen to surprising levels...and scientists aren't sure why.
  • The US is in a housing crisis of another kind - affordable housing is scarce.
  • Ocean borne plastics are being eaten by and killing birds, and may affect people, scientists think, as the toxins they carry work their way through the food chain.
  • The EPA is one the fence. In a new report, they're claiming ground water may be affected by fracking, reversing their earlier position. 
  • Whether dropping from space or getting in the way of our astronauts, space junk is becoming a great problem, but one with a growing number of solutions.
  • Being legal in more states, marijuana is proving to be an issue for law enforcement trying to measure its effects on drivers.
  • Hidden in plain sight, commercial trucks are becoming a hard to stop weapon of war for ISIS.
  • ( NEW DELHI – As Indians wake Monday to smoke-filled skies from a weekend of festival fireworks, New Delhi's worst season for air pollution begins — with dire consequences.
  • Millennials, minorities and women all see wages well below their white, male co-workers
Friday, August 14, 2020
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